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Technicality vs Timestretch

Drum & Bass / Oldskool night in London – Fabio, Bailey, DJ Trax, Uncle Dugs & more…

Old School Special

Up for a decent old school night in London? then this ones you – with two rooms & a strong line up in each, expect a night of beats & booming bass.



  • Chris Inperspective founded the Technicality nights in 1999 to represent the under represented in D&B, & it has been going strong ever since.
  • Technicality is held in a few different locations & this one on the 26th will be at The Rhythm Factory – which is a nightclub, bar, gallery & restaurant in the day, located on Whitechapel Road just around the corner from Brick Lane in East London.


  • Timestretch is the night of Ben Kei & Nibbers & they are presenting room two with an old school selection from start to finish, covering Hardcore through to Jungle with some legends of the scene providing a cross section of what’s what from 1992 to 1996.


  • Room One (Technicality) Chris Inperspective with Fabio playing a classic Speed set, Bailey playing a classic Bluenote set, Senses, Andy Skopes, Raggamuffin & Sargy, Aitch b2b Alex Volume & on mic duties are Blackeye & Goldenchild.
  • Room Two (Timestretch) Nibbers & Ben Kei with Dj Trax, Uncle Dugs, Threshold, Jamie G & Thumbzo.


  • Tickets for the night are £5 early bird
  • £8 in advance then £10 on the door
  • NUS £5



Technicality vs Timestretch Flyer

Flyer Design by the very talented & good friend DrJimble

Mixes By Nibbers

The Daydreaming Series – atmospheric mixes both ruff & smooth

Mixed by Nibbers

Nibbers as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before is a stand up bloke with a wicked music collection to boot. I’ve featured some of his mixes before & now I’ve put a few on my soundcloud as the site they were on had recently shut down & I had the backups – so here we are.

These mixes below are part of his Daydreaming series of mixes which have given me a schooling in later dnb that I’d missed by buying & playing lots of other stuff for a few years around 1995 – they are full of ruff & smooth tracks, just the sort Nibbers loves to play.

Listen to the whole series here

Download the whole series here


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