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FBD Project Re-Pressed

The Core & Terminate get a re-press for 2015 – Get your pre order in now

Bang-in Tunes Official Re-Press

  • For the first in a series, Coventry’s very own badboy – Mr Neil Trix is repressing The Core b/w Terminate, two absolute hardcore drum & bass bangers from Bang-in Tunes back in 92/93 – now on one piece of very limited edition vinyl.
  • If you haven’t already put in a pre-order, it’s only going to be a run of 250 pieces, there is loads of interest on this too, so don’t cry when some joker is punting it on Discogs for 4 million quid.

Pre-order here


  • Update 1: Another 50 are available for pre-order for around the 16th May
  • Update 2: These have now all officially sold out