A few much needed updates

To keep things simple, the layout is mostly the same, the changes have been mainly behind the scenes in the organisational & functional areas of the site – It’s had a complete overhaul & rebuild so the site is a lot faster & has a much better user experience for anyone visiting.


  • Any visual change is minimal, although using a different theme base, it looks almost identical to the previous theme I spent ages mucking about with, this time – with less mucking about but keeping the same clean look.
  • I’ve re-jigged the massive images into something suitable, cleaner, smaller, faster loading & simpler to get to the stuff you need to on all devices
  • Typography – Using a better font now with typekit – Proxima Nova


  • All my own Mixes are all now in one place, easy to find & completely searchable by artist, label, track title & style.
  • This site has never really been a blog, nor am I interested in “blogging” so it makes sense to categorise things all in one place as Features which contains all articles, events, history, music, featured mixes & so on – keeping a simple system so everything has it’s own place & is findable within a click or two – & open enough that you can drill down a bit deeper if needs be


  • I’ve found backups of a few things I lost when moving the site a couple of years ago & some bits that were never published – I’ll decide what should go up & what needs to be deleted forever & over time, up them as & when.

Behind the scenes

  • Changed the back end for some cleaner code that I didn’t have to alter that much, in the past I’ve always hacked together something of my own from the ground up, or altered something else beyond recognition – which has taught me a lot & that I don’t have the time or energy to redesign the wheel every time.
  • I know I can rely on Mike McAlister & John Parris from ArrayThemes.com for clean, no hassle bases to work from. I’ve only really made a few minimal alterations here & added any extra functions as needed without having to mess with the base too much, anything I have added has been completely pluggable.
  • Moved to a new quicker database & server