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Following on from an earlier event feature Link: Rupture London 7th Birthday – Here is a wicked promotional DJ Mix you can stream & download by the one & only Nibbers.

He’s selected some mellow & brutal slices of jungle for us & this time he’s playing room two @ Rupture. For those that know, you’ll need no introduction to the old school carnage ruptures second room brings, it’s possibly my fave room of the two.

Listen here

Download here


  • Running Time:
    110.44 mins
  • File Size:
  • Style:
  • Genre:
    Jungle, Drum & Bass


Artist Track Title Label
Source Direct A Made Up Sound Metalheadz
Oblivion Last Dance Street Beats
Shogun Paparazzi Renegade Recordings
Q Project & Spinback Pleasure Principle Timeless Recordings
Photek Complex Photek Productions
KMC System Looking Good Records
Motiv One Life Certificate 18 Records
Fellowship Celebrate Life Xpressive
TQ 1 Tunnel Vision Ascendant Grooves
Aquarius Drift To The Center Looking Good
Subject to Reason Xpressions Xpressive
Hierogliphix Rhythm Is Back Looking Good
Parallax Deep Purple Xpressive
Dillinja Calculus Beats Deadly Vinyl
Rantoul Magnetic Ascendant Grooves
Source Direct Generations Basement Records

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See you by the Bass Bins

  • To hear more stuff like this – LOUD – get yourself down to the Rupture 7th Birthday bash on the 15th of November & mosey into room two around 11:30pm. I’ll be there for sure, will you?
  • Rupture 7th Birthday @ Corsica Studios, 4-5 Elephant Rd, London SE17 1LB


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