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A mix on the uplifting side featuring Formation, Booby Trap & Extra Terrestrial

For a laugh, I grabbed 2 piles of records & asked a few groups on facebook which bunch of tracks they’d rather hear mixed, a happier more vocal set, or a darker stripped back set.

I was surprised when they chose the happier pile of records, even in groups that are aimed at the darker side of things – The upshot was this – I had no idea what to call the mix but as 69% of tracks contain some sort of vocal, I figured it was enough to become some sort of a theme.

This is also the first mix I’ve done since getting my decks out of storage.

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  • Running Time:
    57.45 mins
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    Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass


ArtistTrack TitleLabel
007We had it allFormation Records
????Side AAQuestion Mark
Ramos + Supreme + Sunset RegimeSunshineHectic Records
Mega City 2I Still DreamWhite – VERY DARK
Under RhythmSub CircleBooby Trap Recordings
International Rude BoysParagone – RemixFormation Records
From The Man Like The PennywiseSuspension Of DisbeliefSymphony Sound Records
Mega City 2The Love that you GiveHear Dis Records
Macka BrownGo Down BabyLabello Blanco
007Your Love Is All I NeedFormation Records
DJ Red Alert & Mike SlammerGotta ReleaseSlammin’ Vinyl
DJ SoloDarkageProduction House
Wriggler BasscombOmega Hendron
One Nation Records

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