Big Man Stevie

Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass

I Bring you the Jungle Vol I

Selected by Big Man Stevie

Jungle mix featuring tracks on Moving Shadow, Metalheadz & 3rd Party

I’ve been asked by loads of mates to make a set of mixtapes with all the jungle, hardcore & drum & bass records that we grew up with & used to play all the time. To start, here are a few more obvious big tunes I used to play quite a bit.

Update 01/11/2014

This mix was removed by SoundCloud due to a copyright claim by Sony, it had over 2k plays & 1100 downloads – it’s been my most popular DJ mix I’ve posted. I did ask to have it reinstated, but I don’t really have a leg to stand on so my dispute was rejected, sorry for any confusion.

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  • Running Time: 01.03 mins
  • File Size: 144mb
  • Style: Electronic
  • Genre: Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass


ArtistTrack TitleLabel
Deep BlueThe Helicopter Tune – Fantasy #1Moving Shadow
The House CrewSuperhero – My KnightProduction House
SlipmattBreakin’ FreeAwesome Records
Noise FactoryBreakage #43rd Party
Top StarUntitled AA2Budd Recordings
SplashBabylonDeeJay Recordings
DillinjaBrutal BassMetalheadz
Hyper-on ExperienceDisturbance – Tango RemixMoving Shadow
Omni TrioFeel Good – Original in Demand MixMoving Shadow
Omni TrioFeel Better – Foul Play RemixMoving Shadow
SkannaUntil The Night is MorningSkanna (Label)
Digital PressureWatch dis SpaceJuice Box Promo
DJ SoloDarkage – All Night RemixProduction House
MobyFeeling so Real – Ray Keith RemixMute
DJ RapInteligant WomanProper Talent

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