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I found this old C60 cassette tape down the back of a drawer along with some other bits. It’s short & side B seems to have been taped over but it does have a couple of right cracking tracks on it, hopefully it’s a copy as I’m not sure where the original tunes are or if I still have them.

I’ve also found a whole shoebox full of tapes in my parents attic, so depending what’s in there, when I get time, I’ll record a few more tapes to MP3 – hopefully there’s a full copy of this one in there as I remember it being one of the ones I was quite chuffed with at the time.

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  • Running Time:
    24.40 mins
  • File Size:
  • Style:
  • Genre:
    Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass


Artist Track Title Label
Baby D Let Me Be Your Fantasy – Acen in Wonderland Production House
Rhythm For Reasons Grand National – Tango Album Remix Formation Records
International Rude Boyz Drum Programme – Remix Formation Records
DJ Trax High Time Moving Shadow
Skanna This Way Skanna (label)
Q Project Night Moves – Alliance Remix Legend Records

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