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I was lucky enough to be invited down to the Interlight Christmas Special to play some records alongside Nibbers, Heidi Ice, Double O, Mantra, Panka, DJ Virus & Thumbzo. With MC Major Ranks & MC Raptor hosting the whole affair.

It was ram out by the end, the most rammed I’ve ever seen the place with lots of recognisable faces  & a fair few new ones too. I’ve met so many good people that have come to Interlight – DJs, Producers & punters – I love the Castle, such a wicked crowd & the musics always firing.

I’ve got a memory of Mantra & Panka playing a wicked old school garage set & then Dubz firing off some 88 – 92 classics around 3am & the place going mental – just cause that’s how it went.

From memory, this is a slightly cut down version of what I played on the night.

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  • Running Time:
    100.40 mins
  • File Size:
  • Style:
  • Genre:
    Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass


Artist Track Title Label
Alk-E-D Shining Bright Knite Force
The DJ Unknown Project Critical Heights – Hardstep Mix Quosh Records
Heartless Tubular Breaks Heartless (label)
Wax Doctor & DJ Pulse Silent Voices Creative Wax
Firefly Blow Your Mind Paradise Records
Freakosis Freak Inside of Me Freakosis (label)
The Criminal Minds Ghetto Theme – Bboy Trip Mix Outlan Records
Hyper-on Experience Lords of the Null Lines – Original Moving Shadow
Wriggler Basscomb Final Battle One Nation Records
Nut Nut + Pure Science Space Oddyessy – Technical Mix One Nation Records
The Brain Records Crew The Brain Records Crew Brain Records
Skrufneck Vol 1 Our Love Skrufneck (label)
Andy C Slip n Slide Ram Records
Orca Back to the Jungle Lucky Spin Recordings
Origin Unknown The Dark Stranger – Origin Unknown Remix Suburban Base
Foul Play Open Your Mind – Tango Remix Moving Shadow
Human Being The Box Opened Straight from the Bedroom

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