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I got a lot of good feedback on the first one of these & quite a few emails twisting my arm to do another one – so, here is the next instalment of I bring you the Jungle – volume 2

As a side effect, it’s been good to be able to put them in mixes so I can listen to them myself, seeing though all my records are stored away for the time being & I have to go & dig through a load of boxes to get a few out at a time, it’s like being a kid with ‘new’ old toys.

Hope you enjoy this one as much as you did the first one.

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  • Running Time: 58.04
  • File Size: 133mb
  • Style: Electronic
  • Genre: Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass


Artist Track Title Label
Brain Killers Screwface 3rd Party
DJ Krome & Mr Time The Licence Tearin’ Vinyl
DJ Hype Floating Kill – Dirty Mix Suburban Base
Desired State Beyond Bass – Desired State Remix Ram Records
DJ Docka Freedom Strange Youth Records
DJ Rap Digable Bass Proper Talent
Iron Fist Productions Journey – Renigade ‘Jungle’ Mix Stunza Records UK
Nut Nut + Pure Science The Rumble – Boom Shaka Mix Production House
Hyper-on Experience Lords of the Null Lines – Foul Play ft. Randall Remix Moving Shadow
Conquering Lion Dub Plate Special – Ruff Cut X Project
M-BEAT Rumble – Remix Renk Records
A-Zone Calling the People White House
Invisible Man Skyliner Timeless Recordings
Omni Trio Thru the Vibe – (94) Moving Shadow

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