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Rupture London – 7th birthday

Rupture celebrates its 7th year with a dedicated night of quality Drum & Bass both old & new

Good for your Structure

If you haven’t been to Rupture, & you are into Drum ‘n’ Bass – whether you like the newer jungle sound, or the old school & hardcore styles – it’s about time you checked out this event run by Double O & DJ Mantra.



  • In 2006, DJ’s Mantra & Double O set up a dedicated night of quality D&B both old & new – Representing quality underground music.
  • Since 2008 the event has taken place at Corsica Studios – a venue situated in 2 railway arches in Elephant and Castle in South London.
  • It’s fully equipped with a Funktion one sound system, which is definitely booming. The tops are pretty good too, which means unlike some events, my ears don’t ring for days – even if I’ve been stood in front of a speaker cab.
  • The music is always spot on, never failing to please, the bookings are always decent with a good mix of the well known to the criminally overlooked & smaller names.
  • The crowd is a good mix of young & old, male & female, all kind of people from different backgrounds too, which is nice to see & reminds me of how it used to be.


  • Room One: Loxy & Digital, Gremlinz & Double O, SB81, Rumbleton, Threshold, Theory, Antidote, Greenleaf, Miss Pink & Mizeyesis
  • Room Two: DJ Trax & Nucleus, Chris Inperspective, Louise Plus One & Hughese, Dwarde & Gand, Nibbers & Dave Faze & DJ Groove


  • Tickets for the night are only £5 early bird, £8 & £12 in advance, then more on the door.


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Update – Just can’t Stop

  • Big love to Nibbers for the support & playing the exclusive Just can’t stop (Peace & Love VIP) on dubplate on the night – The bass tore the place down. 😉